Volunteer with Bike SA

Join some of the most skilled, experienced, passionate, entertaining and hard-working volunteers in cycling. Whether you volunteer for a few hours, a whole day or even for a multi-day ride, your time is a much needed and valued resource. Volunteers are a critical component of Bike SA’s operations and we couldn’t function without them.

Every day volunteers support Bike SA, delivering a wide range of services, from performing bike mechanics, assisting in the office and working on event logistics, through to marshalling and leading rides at events and many, many things in between.

In keeping with our Guiding Values and Principles of impartiality, transparency and accountability, Bike SA is committed to involving volunteers, in partnership with paid staff, to:

  • initiate, enhance and extend the service we provide.
  • add to our community perspective
  • increase membership/community awareness and involvement
  • create social capital by working together
  • build trust, self-esteem, personal value
  • encourage and initiate necessary change

For more information on volunteering at Bicycle SA, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Maureen Merrick.

Volunteering Information

Volunteer Rights

Volunteers with Bike SA have a right to:

  • Be given accurate information and a clear understanding of Bike SA’s expectations
  • Be provided with a clearly understood job description outlining relevant tasks
  • Be assigned work that is worthwhile and challenging
  • Receive support and trust from relevant management team and staff enabling tasks to be performed satisfactorily
  • Participate in planning and organising relevant activity within one’s own role
  • Share responsibilities with relevant staff team
  • Safe work practice, insurance cover and personal safety
  • Clearly defined channels of reporting and communication
  • Be able to make choices, negotiate and not over commit nor accept inappropriate tasks
  • Receive appropriate feedback on performance
  • Withdraw from volunteer role
  • Be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses, on approval by the Chief Executive Officer in a timely manner

Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers with Bike SA have responsibilities to:

  • Understand and accept the objectives and policies of Bike SA and represent its interests
  • Make realistic commitments, relating to time and areas of involvement and Bike SA will expect these commitments to be fulfilled
  • Be dependable and give adequate notice if unable to perform tasks as required
  • Promote and practice the organisation’s customer service philosophy
  • Respect the rights and privacy of other volunteers and staff in the organisation
  • Co-operate/collaborate with others to ensure tasks are performed to an acceptable standard
  • Behave in an acceptable and appropriate manner in compliance with relevant policies and procedures
  • Own personal welfare and safety and report any hazards
  • Acknowledge, respect and comply with decisions made by staff
  • Be accountable and accept constructive feedback/evaluation
  • Undertake appropriate training as required
  • Be able to address areas of conflict with appropriate staff member as outlined in Conflict resolution Policy/procedure
  • Attend all meetings relevant to the role

Bike SA rights

Bike SA has the right to:

  • Make a decision as to where the volunteer would be best suited
  • Expect compliance with policies and procedures, ie occupational health, welfare & safety, Anti-discrimination, confidentiality, conflict resolution
  • Expect the same commitment from a volunteer as a staff member, even on a short term basis
  • Expect conscientious acceptance of responsibilities relating to timeliness, reliability and mutual standard of performance
  • Expect volunteers to perform allocated tasks to the best of their ability
  • Expect loyalty to the organisation and constructive criticism
  • Expect from all volunteers, respect and courtesy towards all consumers, partners and other staff/team members
  • Release a volunteer who is not suited to the role

Bike SA Responsibilities

  • Provide policies & procedures within which volunteers are able to work
  • Provide clear job descriptions, which will be reviewed annually or as required
  • Appropriately match volunteers to a job that takes advantage of their interests and skills. Jobs may change as their experiences expand and/or interests change
  • Provide orientation for volunteers, particularly to their jobs
  • Provide appropriate training as required and annual reviews with constructive feedback
  • Provide an environment which encourages volunteers to give their best while enjoying the experience
  • Discuss level of performance and if necessary, reassign the volunteer to better match skills/experience
  • Provide a climate of mutual trust, recognition and support
  • Reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, on approval by Chief Executive Officer, in a timely manner (conditions apply)
  • Respect the rights and privacy of volunteers
  • Respect the input/ideas of volunteers
  • Acknowledge the efforts of volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

We have several opportunities for volunteering throughout the year. Whether you are interested in gaining administration experience in our front office or working on single and multi-day events in roles ranging from ride or traffic marshals, managing refreshment stations, providing logistics support, driving support vehicles or one of many other roles, we have something for you.

Grand Slam Challenge Series 2020
Starts Sunday 23 February 2020 at Mt Torrens. Series of 5 road rides throughout the year

Coast to Coast
Sun 15 March 2020
Mass participation community challenge ride from Glenelg to Victor Harbour.
Several ride options from 10km – 120km. Start: Glenelg – plus Stirling, Meadows and Victor Harbor
Finish: Victor Harbor

Dirty Weekend
2-3 May 2020
24hr Mountain Bike enduro.
Cudlee Creek Forest, Lobethal

Fleurieu Fondo
Sun 1 November 2020
Mass participation community challenge ride featuring several closed roads including the Southern Expressway
Several ride options from 12km – 120km. Start: Flinders University – additional start at O’Halloran Hill and McLaren Vale. Finish: McLaren Vale

Gear Up Girl SA
Sun 22 November 2020
Women-specific community challenge ride celebrating cycling for women of all ages and abilities.
Several ride options from 15km – 55km. Start/Finish: Adelaide CBD

For more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Maureen Merrick
Ph: 8168 9999 or email Maureen Merrick

Message from Anderson's Solicitors

We’ve worked very closely with the team at Bike SA and their members and followers over the last eight years from 2012 and loved it so much, we’re in for the long haul.

We recently agreed to continuing our work together, playing on the bike tracks, trails and laneways of South Australia, which will see us in attendance at events, supporting the activities of Bike SA and offering discounted and free member legal services through to 2021.

Interested in camping at Sea Otter Australia? 

Camping is part of the Sea Otter DNA! Sign up here to stay in the loop.

We are currently working with health officials in the hope that we will be able to provide a great camping experience at the 2021 Sea Otter Australia. We recognize the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic in nature, and we will coordinate with local officials, health agencies, and event partners to adapt preparations consistent with the latest protocols. As we learn more, and open camping registration we will communicate updates in the coming months.