Terms & Conditions

By applying for entry to the Event you agree to the following terms and conditions

About the Event

(a) If either:

(i)          the Event is cancelled, delayed, rescheduled, repositioned or curtailed by inclement weather, bushfire, public health emergency (such as Covid-19) or for other reasons beyond Bike SA’s reasonable control; or

(ii)         if government cross border travel restrictions due to Covid-19 prevent or severely impede you attending the Event,

then the entry fee would be transferred to a similar future event or, at Bike SA’s election, refunded.

(b) If Bike SA cancels the Event for reasons within its reasonable control and does not reschedule promptly the Event to a date within twelve months, Bike SA would refund the entry fee.

(c) If Bike SA cancels the Event before its start the cancellation would be advised on www.bikesa.asn.au or by you phoning (08) 8168 9999.A cancellation during the Event would be advised to people attending the Event at that time.


(d) Bike SA may decline any applicant for entry to the Event (and would then refund any entry fee paid by the unsuccessful applicant).

(e) If you cancel your entry to the Event the following booking fee would be levied against refund of the entry fee:

(i)          cancellation notified at least 61 days before the Event – no booking fee;

(ii)         cancellation notified 60 – 15 days before the Event – a booking fee of $20;

(iii)        cancellation notified 14 days or less before the Event – a booking fee of $30.


(f) An entry to ride in the Event is not transferable to another rider.

(g) A rider must abide by the Australian Road Rules when upon a public road for the Event, and subject to them any directions given by marshals or other Event staff when upon any public or private space for the Event.

(h) Bike SA may alter a riding route due to trail, road, weather and other operational needs prevailing at the time for safety reasons or for proper care of the venue of the Event.

(i) A rider acknowledges that riding on fire access tracks or unmade pathways in the Event is hazardous and that some risks of injury to riders cannot be minimised or eliminated.

(j) Bike SA strongly recommends a rider takes out adequate insurance against travel costs, personal accident, ambulance costs and also loss / damage to their bike and other personal property.

(k) Where applicable, individual timing is provided by a third party contractor.However, Bike SA and the contractor are not liable for any failure of the timing system to record a time for any reason.

(l) Bike SA is free to publish the name and, if applicable, elapsed ride time of any riders.


(m) Children under 18 years of age attending at the Event (whether or not a rider in the Event) must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and if to ride in the Event have sufficient competence to do so safely.


(n) Camping upon the park is not allowed except under a camping permit issued by the custodian of the park (at additional cost and with its own terms and conditions).


(o) An entry fee does not include the costs of any third party suppliers (such as hotels, restaurants or transport companies) and Bike SA is not liable for any third party supplier’s performance or failure of performance.

(p) When upon the park for the Event all attending must conform to (in descending priority):

(i)          any directions given by ACT Rural Fire Service personnel or the police;

(ii)         any terms of use of the park posted by its custodian at the public entry to the park or upon the venue of the Event;

(iii)        any reasonable directions given by a person purporting to be Bike SA’s venue manager at the Event (or delegate) insofar as relate to the care of the venue or the keeping of good order therein.

(q) Anyone guilty of any of the following on the venue of the Event during the Event may be ejected from participation in a bike ride or other attendance at the Event and without refund:

(i)          bringing on any illicit drugs, alcohol or (except an accredited assistance dog kept on a lead at all times) pet;

(ii)         smoking (includes e-cigarettes), use of amplified music or lighting a fire;

(iii)        disorderly, belligerent, offensive or indecent behaviour (includes urination or defecation upon the park except within public toilets), or reasonably believed to be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol;

(iv)        damaging or interfering with any vegetation, built infrastructure or wildlife;

(v)         digging a pit or trench, depositing rubbish other than in skips / wheelie bins provided by Bike SA, or disposing of liquid, fats or oils on the ground other than water at ambient temperature.

(r) Insofar as s. 139A of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or other law allows, except where caused by wilful default of Bike SA or its staff or volunteer you waive absolutely any right to claim against any of them for any:

(i)          death, physical injury, mental injury or other harm to you or a child under your care;

(ii)         loss / damage to personal property of yours or a child under your care,

caused when upon the venue of the Event or while riding in the Event.

(s) You consent to Bike SA publishing any images / video taken of you or a child under your care in attending the Event.

(t) You consent to your name and contact details being added to any mail out lists used by Bike SA in line with its Privacy Policy.

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We are currently working with health officials in the hope that we will be able to provide a great camping experience at the 2021 Sea Otter Australia. We recognize the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic in nature, and we will coordinate with local officials, health agencies, and event partners to adapt preparations consistent with the latest protocols. As we learn more, and open camping registration we will communicate updates in the coming months.