2 October 2021


The Centenary Trail, completed for the 2013 Canberra Centenary, links new and old sections of existing gravel trails and bike paths for approximately 140km around Canberra. 

This ride will certainly challenge the more adventurous Graveleur, with our route will squeaking over the 100km mark. Take it slow and enjoy the beauty of the CBR countryside or just go Hell Fast. Either way – it’s a long day – in the saddle.

You will experience a self guided route with a wide variety of trail conditions, from shared bitumen paths and gravel road reserves (plenty of time to chat amongst the bunch!) to single track and some parts (along the Murrumbidgee) which are more technical, with potential need for an occasional dismount – so take care!!

Tyre choice and bike choice? – we’ll leave it to you to make the call. We’ll have the route and profile mapping loaded shortly.

But don’t stress too much, there are several communities like Hall on route for you to take some time out and stop for a moment to power up (coffee/brews/food) and refresh those legs…

And best of all – this ride is a Stromlo Expo village start/finish loop. So whether starting or finishing, you will not miss a beat of the Expo village vibe.

The folks at FLOW Mountain Bike provide another great story of a Centenary Trail experience here