1-4 October 2021

CycloCross racing is time and lap-based event. Riders will lap the course for a pre-determined time then race for a determined number of laps to the finish. The winner is determined on passing order at the completion of the allocated number of laps.

Check out the CX Ride Schedule – HERE and use the SEARCH function to make it easy!.

We’re working with the local crew to develop a cracking CX course that will have something for everyone.



Prices and Categories - registration includes a 3 Day Pass to the Expo Village

CategoriesMin AgeMax AgePrice
E Bike1779$105
Under 131112$105
Under 151314$105
Under 171516$105
Under 19 (Junior)1718$105
Under 231922$105
Masters 13034$105
Masters 23539$105
Masters 34044$105
Masters 44549$105
Masters 55055$105
Masters 65559$105
Masters 76064$105
Masters 86569$105
Masters 97074$105
Masters 107579$105

The Track

2021 Track Details Coming soon.



We’re always after eager volunteers to assist at the event.
Please contact if you’d like to volunteer at the Sea Otter Australia in 2021

Interested in camping at Sea Otter Australia? 

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We are currently working with health officials in the hope that we will be able to provide a great camping experience at the 2021 Sea Otter Australia. We recognize the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic in nature, and we will coordinate with local officials, health agencies, and event partners to adapt preparations consistent with the latest protocols. As we learn more, and open camping registration we will communicate updates in the coming months.