Tall Bikes and Clunker Classic

Tall Bikes and Clunker MTB Classic

1-4 October

The event title pretty much says it all…here’s your chance to show off, fall off or roll off on your most treasured tall bicycle for all the world to see. And for the more skilled engineers who are handy with a welder and have plenty of extra tubing and cabling, then prizes will be awarded to the craziest wacky invention that you can come up with. So long as the wheels and the handlebars still turn – there is hope for you yet.

For the dedicated ‘clunkest’, your stead can never be to old, rusted or ugly because we know that its a bike that only you could love…!  Grab your old mountain bike clunker and jump on some gravity trails for a trip down a 1970’s memory lane for our Clunker MTB Classic. Prizes awarded for the best stack…