4 October 2021

Our “CBR-G” is a 55km gravel loop starting and finishing at the Stromlo Expo Village.

This is a ride for the intermediate and beginner gravel rider – with some lovely CBR forest fringe and river trail views – and of course the obligatory ascents…Be assured though, we’ll provide a less hilly Short and Sweet option (around 43km length) for those that just want to take in the sights, smells and sounds of this beautiful Canberra city region.

The majority of this route is on fire roads, so plenty of time for you to bunch up with old friends and new and chat about – well, whatever you want to chat about.

As for trail conditions – well it’s mostly good however there are areas of small erosion gullies on descents and areas of loose gravel in dips and corners. Again – take care!!

Approximately 10% of the route is on sealed road or sealed off road bicycle path – but the rest is pure blissful, scenic gravel.

CBR-G…that’s “G” for Gurravel


Note there are several gates on the route –  which will either need to be climbed or will be opened for the event – stay tuned…we’ll let you know. We will work through this with the good folks at ACT Parks and Conservation.

Check out the route and profile HERE