Around the Mount 40/80

Around the Mount 40/80

1-4 October 2021


For the locals, this is a ride they do every other week.

For visitors, you’ll experience this picturesque short course loop around Mt Stromlo – out to the West Country, a descent across the Murrumbidgee River and then back towards the event village via the final 11% average short 3.5km hillclimb up to Mt Stromlo, where the race will finish. The return to the village will be a leisurely untimed 4km roll down the Mount to catch your breath before enjoying a coffee or brew in the Expo village.

It’s your choice – one lap or two. This timed road race will pretty much be a sprint for the regular weekend warriors. Solo or teams, it’s up to you.

The kicker will be the Mt Stromlo hill climb at the 38km mark – just to sort the wheat from the chaff…! Therefore pace will play into your strategy if you want bragging rights to stand on the podium.

Of course for riders that simply want to take in the sights and set a personal challenge – this experience is a must do.

Best of all – we’ve organised a complete road closure all the way.
Now that’s not something that happens every weekend !!